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Enterprise Grade Node.js Applications

Why Choose Sails.js Development Services?

Sails.js, being one of the fast and most popular MVC framework for Node.js, makes it quite easy to custom build enterprise grade Node.js applications. Using Sails, Node.js apps are build in a shorter time frame. It is mainly used for building chatrooms, multiplayers online games, real time dashboard and more with the help of data-driven APIs and service – oriented architectures.

Sails.js features:

  • Works with any database with the official ones being MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Auto-generated REST APIs.
  • Compatible with all frontend technologies like VueJS, Angular.js , React.js.
  • Easy web-socket integration with no additional code.
  • Flexible asset pipeline.
Sails.js Development Company

WebElves is a SailsJS development company offering dedicated sails JS developer for web applications development. We create fast, scalable and real time development solutions that will retain the attention of the target audience and increase the number of customers on the website or mobile app development that will leave a long-term impression on the business.